Why People Love Annie Sloan Painted Furniture

You can find many beautiful homes that have been decorated by the great minds of the Art Deco Period, and if you’re looking for Annie Sloan painted furniture, you’re in luck. This is one of the most popular styles of furniture that is still available today. Before you rush out to buy your own, though, you should take a moment to read about how she became the well known designer that she was.

annie sloan painted furniture

Sloan was born in 1893 in San Francisco, California. Her father was a successful salesman and his income enabled him to send Annie and her brother, Harry, to college. One of their passions was art, and they spent hours drawing pictures. Soon, they became experts at art, creating colorful designs for furniture. This led them to believe that they could do better than the professionals at the time and so they left school to open their own art studio. Their success in establishing their own business led them on a journey that would change the face of furniture forever.

Once they opened their own business, they knew that they wanted to design beautiful furniture but they didn’t know quite what that meant. They loved to draw their ideas and then put them on paper. They were also very aware of the social class of people living in their new neighborhood and they wanted their furniture to fit in with that. They drew several types of furniture and kept them in file boxes. All their work stayed within the boundaries of their home community and they felt that they were beautiful even though they were miles away from it.

When they were asked to design Annie’s very own furniture, though, they were somewhat overwhelmed. They had never done it before and found that the job was more complex than they thought. There were just so many things to think about. There were colors to think about, designs to consider and of course sizes.

When they put the furniture together, though, they knew that they had a hit. People were stunned by the beauty of their furniture and they loved the unusual color combinations that they incorporated into their designs. It took them only a day or two to create each one of their stunning pieces of furniture. After that, it became a steady job to just keep up with orders and keep their furnishing store open. They were so busy making furniture that they actually had to buy some more materials for the second shift that was coming in.

They still get phone calls every week from their wonderful customers who still love their Annie Sloan painted furniture. The people love the unusual color combinations and the way that they are created. They love that they can now have furniture that fits well within their current decor. They know that they’ll be having guests over time and that there will still be people coming and going from their home.

When people come and go, they appreciate that you have beautiful furniture that is so well made and looks so real. That’s part of what has made them come back to you. The other part of it is that they know that you’re an artist. You probably aren’t an artist but you do realize how difficult it is to create beautiful art. To see your vision come to life on the page and then to see it displayed in your shop makes you feel like an artist. That’s why so many people who come to you want your Annie Sloan painted furniture.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just wood. There are plenty of different colors out there. Think about mixing them all up to see what you’ll like. You can even use a bold color in a neutral colored piece to make it look really interesting. Your customers are sure to like it.