Tips For Creating Shabby Chic Decor

Set a polka dotted pink and white pillow on the back of the rocking chair. You can even be sure to keep pink roses or carnations in a pretty vase in your kitchen. Many country homes have fireplaces and this will add a bit of class to the hearthside.

Transform an old wooden furniture cast-off into a charming shabby chic addition to your home. This desk started out with a horrible shade of green paint reminiscent of the 70s. We purchased it many years ago at a yard sale and it has been a hand-me-down for each of my three sons. We have no idea how old it is, but we are all in agreement that it is old.

Accent your new look with distressed finished pieces such as wall mirrors, chandeliers and plant stands. A plant stand overflowing with delicate greenery adds romance and charm to your room. You can also find magazine racks, candleholders and shelves that are designed in the style.

You will need to consider the weight and colors of your denims as you create your denim quilt. Patterns may not have instructions for denim use so you will have to rely on your judgement.

Cut one length of half inch wide satin ribbon long enough to wrap around the lampshade horizontally at mid point. Spray the back of the ribbon with Krylon Spray Adhesive and attach it to the lampshade If you have a horizontal seam this area should be placed under the Shabby chic furniture ribbon Dry completely.

Now, work around and around the glass jar. Work up attaching the Vintage Marbles until you Shabby chic furniture get about of the glass jar. Leave the top few inches plain.

Mix pale yellow acrylic paint with water and apply it over the off-white paint before it dries. Use a 1-inch wide flat bristle brush for this application and allow the paint colors to streak resembling a faint waterfall appearance. Allow the paint to dry. Warning: At this point it will look rather messy and you may think you have made a mistake. Be patient, it will improve.

Once dry, cover the surface with a thick coat of Elmer’s glue. Use the yucky paint brush to spread it out, since this brush will be ruined by the glue. The thicker the coat the better, and the crackling will look best if you vary the direction of the brush strokes.
Many vintage and Shabby Chic style home offices include somewhat of a damask pattern. Then, around angles and corners that would normally become worn over time, sand down to the white paint. It is the place where Shabby chic furniture is mostly used.
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