Shabby Chic Furniture – White Walls, Black Bedrooms

If you need some extra seating and tables for your home or office, then you need look no further than shabby chic furniture. White and hand painted chairs are a classic and simple way to create a look, which is also very practical. There are some stunning hand painted chairs in all shapes and sizes available today, from simple and low profile to luxurious and up-to-date designs. If you want a little more original shabby chic furniture, then why not try a vintage French style chair?

With a clean white table top and small wooden round wooden chairs it is perfect for small kitchen areas or large kitchen diners, where there is plenty of space to sit around comfortably with loads of space to keep food and drinks. With a vintage look you can add your own touches and make shabby chic furniture your own. You can bring this style into any room and really inject some life into the look. Add shabby chic furniture into your bedroom as well as your bathrooms and you will find that they are the perfect touch for anyone looking for that traditional style and charm. The great thing about using shabby chic furniture is that it allows you to be adventurous and have fun whilst at the same time making a statement about who you are and your style. Shabby chic furniture really comes down to your personal choice, but here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for your furniture.

First of all, it is important to remember that shabby chic furniture is generally very personalised. Therefore, you can mix and match accessories and colours, creating a bespoke look. If you don’t already have a style and theme picked out for your home, then start by thinking about what colours and styles you would like to incorporate into your room. If you do already have a design in mind, then play around with different shades and textures to see what combinations appeal to you most. By getting your creative juices flowing, then you should be able to find some shabby chic furniture that really does stand out from the crowd!

Once you have a basic colour scheme picked out, then you can start to think about accessorising your shabby chic furniture. Some of the more basic pieces are typically rugs, but if you are aiming for more rustic, then choose fringes and plaids that are reminiscent of bygone days. Remember that shabby chic furniture can be worn with almost anything, so long as it adds that little something extra. If you are planning on using white bedroom furniture, then use pale blues, greens, and whites to help create a very clean look. Similarly, if you are going for natural wood then go for browns, tans, and even gold tones.

Another great way to jazz up your shabby chic furniture is by adding accessories. There are many beautiful pieces that would look great placed beside your bed’s, such as jewellery sets or photo frames. You could also add some pillows with floral prints or patterns and even framed photos of family members. You could even add an antique bedside table or chest of drawers to the mix, complete with an armoire and a hutch for storage. Another great addition would be a vase filled with flowers or candles. Whichever objects you decide to add, remember to keep them simple, as cluttered your space looks.

In terms of doors, there are two main types to choose from: lace and wood. If you are really bold, then consider installing a wooden door, which can really add a great touch to any bedroom or bathroom. However, if space is at a premium, then lace doors will do great as well. Laced furniture is much more timeless than wood and while you may occasionally see one with a stain or paint job, most shabby chic furniture will retain their finish.

To complete your bedroom or bathroom in shabby chic furniture, you need to ensure that all items are in good condition. This means dusting all surfaces down, cleaning mirrors and any other surfaces where dust can accumulate, using a soft cloth to remove any dirt that’s missed. Be sure to wash any soiled areas with a mild cleanser before repainting or repositioning any pieces. You’ll want to avoid using harsh chemicals or scents to clean your whites as they can cause discolouration.

When you’re finished, you’ll want to create as much light and ambiance as possible in the room. Consider placing an end table near to a window so that you can let a bit of sunlight into the room. Add a chandelier or a potted plant on either side of this to add to the overall feel of shabby chic furniture. As you work on the room, you may find that the walls lend themselves to stenciling designs or painting. If nothing else, it helps to have a place to go when you get stuck for ideas!

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