Shabby Chic Furniture – Using White Makes Your Home truly Serene

French Dining Tables and Chairs are classic pieces of shabby chic furniture. Originally they were designed to be used in a French country kitchen but now they look stunningly beautiful in any modern lounge or dining area. Beautiful old rosewood table tops with intricate floral engraved designs are ideal for shabby chic dining furniture. With a round, elegant fixed table top there’s lots of room to comfortably seat two or four guests around with lots of extra space for a sumptuous dining experience

For those of you who are lucky enough to live in an older house that has been well maintained, you’ll be able to use exquisite, shabby chic furniture items. The beauty of these items is that you don’t need to have shabby furniture restoration skills to bring them back to life. Simply remove the drawstring tie that surrounds the base and you’ll have a charming white farmhouse dresser waiting for your arrival. Purchase this beautiful French dressing table online today and it will be shipped to you for you to install at your home.

You can create a dramatic atmosphere in any French country house by using an old lace fronted caddy. These caddies were originally made from wrought iron but are now available in hand-crafted oak and pine. If you want to keep the caddy simple and understated, choose one in a pastel shade of pink or blue. This year’s caddy look is sophisticated and feminine, so look for a white lace candy to go with your shabby chic furniture selections. To add interest to the shabby chic table furniture collection, why not add some crystal vases with fresh flowers or potpourri?

Adding a distressed farmhouse look to your rustic wooden vanity bedroom decor is easy to do. All you need to do is add a few vintage wood shabby chic furniture items like a China hutch and a vintage wood dresser. To give your dresser that worn look, stain the vanity wood in rich wine, burgundy, or purple colors. Then top off your dresser in distressed white paint. Let your distressed paint work shine!

Use your shabby chic furniture to create an accent area in your entryway. Use your aged wood to create a whimsical foyer display. You can make this area shine with antique glass antiques and whimsical ceramic urns. Your vintage wood shabby chic furniture and ceramic urns will provide a warm welcome to your visitors’ entrance. Dress up your front porch with a pair of vintage glass lamps.

Place a shabby chic coffee table between your vintage wood China hutch. Add a vintage metal plaque with a butterfly or hummingbird pattern for an interesting focal point. To further bring together your shabby chic furniture pieces, match your vintage wood wall art with the distressed white paint in your bathroom and kitchen. You’ll be adding even more charm to your walls when you finish these two rooms!

Shabby chic bathrooms are perfect for using white vanities. Vanities with distressed white paint make a great conversation piece. They also give you the chance to add bright floral accents. If you’re going for total shabby chic style, put your contemporary oval metal curio on your wall. You’ll definitely be getting comments on this one!

You can use shabby chic furniture from the mid-twentieth century. White antique console tables, chair and footstools in this classic style will look perfect in a room with a whitewashed front porch. If you have a claw footed chair in this style, you’ll want to put it up against a white countertop. Your guests will be asking where the beautiful white chair is each time they visit. You’ll have plenty of excuses to keep them coming back.

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