Shabby Chic Furniture Colors

Shabby chic furniture can add a certain mystique to any room in your home. The reason it is so stylish and chic is the way it is decorated and left unadorned. You don’t have to choose just one style or color – you can mix and match several different ones. This article will show you how to choose shabby chic furniture colors that will make your home look more chic and sophisticated.

If you’re not sure what shabby chic is, let’s start at the beginning. It began in the 1930s and was originally called French shabby chic. Shabby design is characterized by soft floral prints, worn fabrics, distressed wood and furniture colors that are worn or used only occasionally. These items are usually quite cheap, and the main attraction of shabby chic is the soft and worn effect it leaves on a room.

As with many things in life, there are pros and cons to shabby chic furniture colors. A great advantage is the affordability. Shabby chic furniture colors are much cheaper than their more expensive counterparts. This is great for those of us with limited funds. You can easily find good quality pieces for little money. However, they won’t be as comfortable or stylish because the workmanship is not the best.

Many people are enamored of the vintage look and love the aged feel and look of shabby chic furniture. However, this look is actually quite dated now. Today, shabby chic furniture looks great in any style of home, and it’s actually easier to keep the cost of shabby chic furniture down if you pick out modern designs.

This doesn’t mean that shabby chic furniture looks dated. In fact, there are some really cute and unique examples of shabby chic furniture that are still in high demand. With their simple lines and clean lines, they work well in just about any home. They are unique, yet surprisingly stylish.

When picking out your shabby chic furnishings, you need to pick out pieces that have aged well. The wood can be distressed, sanded or even painted. It’s a great way to give your space a worn, antique look. This is what gives shabby chic so much character.

One thing you should remember is that shabby chic furniture colors are much darker than your average furniture color. If you don’t want your furniture to stand out, then you might want to go with very dark or very pale paint. This will add a little mystery to your space without making it stand out as an oddity. Another thing to keep in mind is that this style of furniture is all about texture and light. The lighter the furniture, the more textured it will be and the shabby chic furniture colors of today are just about white, light and a touch of color.

You can find shabby chic furniture at just about any type of furniture store. Try a few different places until you find what works for you. If you already have existing furniture you like, you can always repaint it yourself. This is one way to get a great looking piece of shabby chic furniture without spending a ton of money. When you think back on the pieces you had in your own home as a child, you probably remember them for their simplicity and charm – what could be better than that?

Some of the more common colors are light brown, cream, off-white, and off-gray. These are easily achieved by picking out coordinating accent rugs. Accent rugs are great because they are not only a throw but also serve to liven up a space. If you really want to go for the shabby chic look, consider using two different accent rugs so the room flows well. This is also a great option for those who don’t want to spend too much time trying to match the pieces of furniture.

One important thing to remember when choosing shabby chic furniture is that it should always be distressed. Many times furniture makers will intentionally stain the wood to make it appear less expensive and to help it blend into the surrounding decor. This is never the intended result and often damages the piece. When choosing a piece such as tables or chair, try to buy ones with glass tops rather than plastic.

You can find shabby chic furniture in just about any style or pattern that you could imagine. It’s definitely not limited to just French country. If you have a unique Japanese collection, you can find shabby chic furniture in those colors. Modern, ethnic, country… there is no limit to the variety of stylish furniture that can lend a unique touch to your home. Shabby chic furniture can add that special something to any room of the house and you can easily find pieces that fit into any budget. You can even create a few different accents, so each room has its own personal shabby chic furniture colors.

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