Painting Furniture Ideas for Interior Design

For any antique lover, there are always a number of classic painted furniture pieces that are just waiting to be reinvented. Sometimes these fabulous pieces need to be cleaned thoroughly and then restored to their former glory. If you’re looking for some fantastic painted furniture ideas, read on for a few ideas that you can use to transform your home into a charming antique scene!

The dining room is an excellent place to take on an antique look with painted furniture ideas. You’ll find the largest selection of painted furniture for this room available in the form of a buffet paint project. Buffet paint projects are easy to pull off and can give your dining room a unique look. Choose a light shade of paint and choose plain or decorative hardware to dress it up. Purchase a white buffered dining table, chair, and napkin set and leave the rest as is. Top off with a light fixture to complete the unique look.

Another one of the unique painted furniture ideas is to turn an antique table top into a fun focal point. An antique chalkboard or a large bulletin board covered in colorful artwork will make a great conversation piece for your dining room. You could also purchase painted chalkboards at your local craft store. Using a blank chalkboard paint project and adding a few colorful images, like a flower or a sun, can turn a chalkboard into a colorful focal point that will light up a room. These chalkboards can also become a great way to teach kids about different types of art by creating a collage that makes a great poster.

If your dining room has dated paint, painting it with bright neutral tones will bring it back to life. Visit your local home improvement store and speak to a representative who specializes in paint jobs. If the painting project isn’t exactly what you were hoping for, he may be able to recommend a few great alternatives. You can purchase an antique reproduction table that will provide you with a beautiful focal piece for your dining room while still using contemporary paint colors. An antique reproduction table will provide a much more personal touch than purchasing a modern reproduction that will stand out in a sea of contemporary furniture.

In many cases, an antique or vintage floral arrangement will be able to work in even a contemporary room. Purchase a vase or small table that you feel would be absolutely gorgeous in your kitchen. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where you can get antique pieces for cheap, you may even want to consider adding them to your vintage floral furniture collection. As your collection grows, you will notice that each piece will complement the others in a way that no other piece will.

One of the best pieces of painted furniture to come along in years is the vintage amber floral design on a dresser. This unique look was popular in the 1970’s and has only been made more popular by the resurgence of vintage style decorating. Ombre floral prints are extremely vibrant and have now become very popular among people who love color but also like to stay modern. Purchase a vintage ombre dresser in one of these bold colors for a unique dresser that will allow you to showcase your favorite flowers. Pair a vintage floral print with either a dark or light painted cabinet and you will have a beautifully decorated room that will feel fresh and crisp.

You can also add a painted dresser to a bedroom theme if you like the feeling of a cabin in the woods or something more serene and tranquil. A painted dresser in a moss covered wooden frame would be a great way to go for a cottage style look. Add some vintage lace and ruffles and find the right dresser that will not clash with the other items of furniture you have in the room. You can purchase a lace ombre print that has beads and knot work in it and make your own unique frame to hang it on. Purchase an antique mirror that you love in the same wood and use that to create a wonderful wall accent.

Painted furniture ideas can take you far beyond the limits of painting walls. If you are tired of the way your furniture looks, why not invest in a new painted dresser that will completely change the look of the room? Use the suggestions in this article to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Get ready to do some decorating!