Painted Rustic Furniture – A Great Way to Bring Indian Traditions Into Your Home

Using painted rustic furniture to update your home can be a fun and rewarding project. Rustic furniture is an affordable way to give your home a warm, country feel, while still bringing in the modern sophistication you desire. Painted rustic furniture adds visual interest as well as function to any home. Many of the painted rustic furniture pieces are very affordable and have a lot of personal charm, making them a great gift idea as well.

Green painted rustic furniture is also a good way to add zingy blues to a sad-looking cottage style house. Spruce up the room with a colorful new cabinet and then paint it a delightful shade of green! Don’t forget about how inviting a tiny green vignette featuring some happy native American Indians can be. You might even find that you will want to start a family game night with painted Indian themed paper plates, napkins and tablecloths. Give each guest a heart-shaped painted sandstone ashtray to take home as a memento.

Pair painted green furniture with some brightly colored Indian art for a unique southwest flair to your southwestern decor. Purchase colorful pieces of handmade pottery from an Indian artist in your area to hang on your walls. Then pair the pottery with interesting painted rustic furniture pieces such as wagon wheels, curved sticks, canoes and more.

Use painted furniture to complement your southwest decor in the bedroom. Look for bright-painted furniture in rich, deep colors such as rich chocolate browns and rich pinks. Try using a creamy beige color for the headboard and a pale blue for the bedding. Your guests will absolutely love the beautiful color green but it will also help them to know that the headboard and the bedding are made of organic material.

Another way to combine southwest style and Native American style is to purchase items such as southwest themed pillows, throws and pillow covers. Look for bold geometric shapes and bright, vivid colors such as red, orange, yellow and turquoise. You can also choose to incorporate the rich, complex style of prints found in authentic southwest art. A great tip for choosing your throw pillows for southwest decorating is to look for ones made with an old world, rustic Indian print.

You might also choose to purchase painted decorative bowls and chalices for use in your southwestern kitchen. Look for ones made of clay or terracotta. These materials are naturally long lasting and you may find that the bowls will outlive your other southwestern decor items. A painted ceramic bowl makes a great choice for a southwest cookout.

When choosing your painted rustic furniture, it is important that you choose solid colors. The great thing about painted furniture is that you can create the appearance of wood rather than using up-do painted pieces. For example, if you have a rocking chair that has been painted black, you may be able to buy a brightly painted version and then simply add a few pieces of Indian figurines to the back and you’ll have a great-looking chair. Painted tables are also very easy to find. Just picture a beautiful table covered with a beautiful Mexican pinata. If you can find a Mexican pinata covered in beautiful southwestern design, you can probably find a Mexican painted table that has a Mexican design painted on it.

There are so many choices available for painted rustic furniture. You simply need to browse through your local area to see what is available. If you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, there are some great modern pieces available as well. Just picture a beautiful painted rustic chair and you’ll probably be drawn to it. If you can find the right color combinations, then you’ll have a great-looking room that is both original and rustic.

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