Magnolia Home Furniture Collection

Living in a home with Magnolia home furniture can be both relaxing and fun at the same time. Whether you enjoy entertaining guests or just want a place where you can feel right at home, this type of furniture can make a huge difference in your home. From tables and chairs to storage units, living room and bedroom furniture, kitchen and bed furniture, there is no shortage of Magnolia home furniture available on the market today. Here are some of our favorite picks for great furniture from Joanna’s that you will love.

One of the best things about Joanna’s Magnolia Home furniture is the variety of choices available. In their living room section they carry a wonderful selection of chairs and sofas in leather and upholstered fabrics. Their breakfast bar section has an assortment of tables, benches and stools with matching end tables and side tables. In addition to these pieces of furniture they offer a collection of accent tables, vases and figurines that help to add color to your home. If you prefer to put the table tops of their tables in an area that gets ample amount of sunlight, then you will want to look at their mirrored side tables and glass tops for added beauty.

In the living room area of their store you will find an awesome selection of tables, side tables, coffee tables, and accent tables all in the magnolia home furniture line. Their collection of wicker accent tables is perfect if you like the texture and color of wicker. These pieces of furniture are made in the traditional top-grain beech finish and finished with a textured, oiled paint finish. Some of these tables feature a mirror top, which adds a little something extra. The coffee table in the collection, which is made in the classic rectangular shape, features a wicker top and a contemporary vase or floral accent.

For those who enjoy spending time inside their kitchen siding over the dining room table, the Magnolia Farmhouse Kitchen and Corby Dresser set are just what they have been looking for. This furniture store has two different pieces of furniture in their line: the Kitchen Island coffee table and the Corby dresser. Both of these pieces of furniture come in an incredible array of colors and designs. Both of these pieces of furniture are made with hardwood oak frames and a combination of hand-rubbed satin finish and genuine leather paneling.

In the dining room of their store the Magnolia Farmhouse Kitchen and Corby Diner set are perfect for any person who enjoys spending time inside of their kitchen. This furniture line comes in a unique log style table and matching end tables that feature a natural hardwood frame and a wicker, European laminate finish. Each of the tables in this furniture line also features a medium density fiber cabinet top. This type of wood is very durable and is commonly used to make high quality furniture. The high quality materials that are used to construct the tables and the chairs in this fine dining room furniture line have led to many happy customers who are enjoying their new decor.

If comfort is what you seek in your furniture purchase then the Magnolia Farmhouse Kitchen and Corby Diner collection are exactly what you are looking for. The farmhouse table and chairs are made from a wicker material and the coffee table features a turn based leg design. This design offers both height and tilting capabilities making it a great addition to any home. Both of the tables that are included in this furniture line come with adjustable top legs and a wicker, European laminate finish. The chairs in this fine dining room furniture set are all black and feature a medium density fiber backing with genuine leather paneling.

Finally, for any chef who desires to have the perfect setting for their kitchen to prepare their favorite dishes the Magnolia Home Furniture Dining Room is the perfect choice. The dining room furniture set is designed to combine function and beauty. The beautiful farmhouse table and chairs are hand crafted with a medium density fiber backing and offer tilt and swivel capabilities. Each piece of the furniture collection comes with a medium density fiber backing and high quality, stain resistant laminate on the tops and legs.

In order to bring all of these pieces together properly all of the table and chairs must be purchased as a whole. You cannot buy just one farmhouse table and the chairs separately. You will find that when all of these items are purchased together they are more attractive and appealing than the individual pieces individually. There is no doubt that you will be able to find a piece that will match well with the style of your kitchen and will certainly enhance your dining experience every time that you look at your TV show and enjoy a meal together. You will be very pleased with your purchase and your guests will wonder where you purchased such fine dining furniture at such reasonable prices. The Magnolia Home Furniture Collection will astound you and your guests.

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