How To Use Shabby Chic Furniture Colors To Decorate Your Home

shabby chic furniture colors

How To Use Shabby Chic Furniture Colors To Decorate Your Home

Shabby chic furniture is great to use and to look at. The style is a style well suited to the decor of people who like to keep things cozy and pretty. Shabby chic furniture is also very stylish and can blend well with other decor. There are many different kinds of shabby chic furniture that you can use to accent your home with. You can start by looking through some of the following pieces of shabby chic furniture that will help you create that welcoming, comfortable place to hang out:

o Desks: This is a good place to start when you are looking for a new furniture piece. Chances are that every home that has a desk has a book case on the side. It’s a perfect match for this style of furniture, because it can be both a work surface and a place to store personal belongings. You can find many designs in any color or style that will best fit the look you want to create.

o End Tables: These are another great place to put an end table if you have one. They are also perfect to use to display small items. If you love to cook and you often set out food dishes as a decoration, you can use shabby chic furniture to add some pop of color with a beautiful cutout. You can also choose a metal frame that will add a bit of sparkle. If you want a more traditional look, a plain glass top will do just fine.

o Dressers: If you already have dressers in your house, you might want to add a shabby chic furniture piece to them. They are often a focal point in a room, so adding one is a great way to bring color and personality together. You can find many different styles, including art Deco, French, Victorian, or even Edwardian. Look for one that has a very clean, crisp geometric design.

o Coffee Tables: Shabby chic furniture pieces don’t have to be relegated to the coffee table. A round coffee table, with a plaque or crystal globe, is just as beautiful and useful as any other piece. You can also find these tables in wicker, wrought iron, or wrought wood. They work well as centerpieces or to the side.

o Crystal Photo Coasters: If you have a wall that will receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day, you can use shabby chic furniture to frame photos and leave them on display. You can find these in white or silver frames as well as in several different designs. You can even find coasters with crystal faces that will help you personalize the coaster when you are decorating with shabby chic.

o Wall Decor: Shabby chic decor is perfect for painting walls and even doing a little light painting. White and gray are popular colors for this look because they are relaxing and not too bold. You can do a few layers and have enough room left over for your favorite knickknacks. This is a great way to save money and still put your favorite items where you want them.

The key to decorating with shabby chic furniture is to keep it very simple. Your furniture should be inviting and not overbearing. You want it to give you a feeling of warmth and comfortable. Choose basic colors like ivory, sandstone, or teak, and remember to keep your accessories to a minimum. Everything you place in your home should either reflect or compliment the colors in your room. This is a look that you can indulge in a bit at a time until you find exactly the look you want.