How To Pick The Right Bedding For Your Furniture

Most nurseries consists of a crib, changing table and dresser. These are the three activities that inform the purchases we should make. Flaky, chipped furniture only gets better with time. We each have our own bathroom and personal closet space.

With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to have good look at your living space and to think of a few ways of improving it. These ideas will freshen up and breathe new life into a tired room or perhaps give you a foundation for decorating and furnishing a renovated room from scratch.

In Sarasota, Florida, for example, it is important to emphasize and use colors that celebrate Sarasota – the warmth, the light, the colors of the sea and the sky, and the drama of the sunsets. The Sarasota design palette is full of lightness. The walls are creamy sand, just like the beach. The fabrics are light and airy, with lots of natural fibers and colors, and accents of blues and aquamarines. Interest can be found in the counterpoints of dark or Painted furniture, bold lamps, and artwork.

Choose a base color, buy some acrylic paint in a can and a good brush. Get a set of small bottles of acrylic paint in several colors at a crafts store and an inexpensive set of little brushes. Paint your Painted furniture item. Acrylic dries quickly, so you’re ready to move on in half an hour.

Are you tired of looking at your ugly brown bathroom cabinets? Time to brighten them up and don’t think twice about buying them from a store. Custom made furniture is a 100% better way to go when it comes to redecorating your bathroom. One popular user showed the best way to redo cabinets is with a gel stained process that is very simple. First, you need to remove the doors, hinges, and drawers. Make sure to label the doors, or you’ll forget where they go after you finish. Once you sand everything down, just use a certified gel-stain.

There are some other tricks of the trade you’ll want to explore while creating your work of art. Acrylic paints can be diluted with water and layered over another color, a bit like a batik. A swath of light blue crossing over a purple area creates a new shade and added dimension. There are clear acrylic gels which you can use to dilute the color while retaining the same body of the full strength paint. Experiment. Have fun.

The next step would be to adorn your house with fabrics. Fabrics in this style have a far range; anything from traditional toile to the industrial feel of burlap & Linen. Use of white monochromatic fabrics is a great look in the traditional French Country theme. Sunny warm colors offer brilliant design patterns as well.

Finally, the secret to a really beautiful finish, whether you choose satin, semi-gloss or gloss is to gently sand away any rough spots with a micro sanding sponge between each coat of poly. The results will be beautiful!
Acrylic paints can be diluted with water and layered over another color, a bit like a batik. No matter how nice your house looks from the outside, it is the inside where most of the living is done. It is actually compared to crawling before walking.
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  1. Hi – I live in Australia – just to say I absolutely love that cream cabinet with the green border and flowers in the centre – There is no way I could purchase it from you on the other side of the world! I would like to try and paint it, but can’t really see from the picture how the green border has been done – would you be able to tell me – thanks Helen

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