How to Install a Pallet Furniture Bench

Pallet furniture benches can provide your warehouse with a fresh, clean look while simultaneously adding function. This type of bench is easy to transport and requires no special machinery or skills for installation. All you need are standard building tools such as a level, measuring tape, measuring cup, pencil and paper, screw driver and hammer. Depending on the material of the furniture bench, you may need additional tools such as an angle grinder, power drill, flat-tipped saw, sandpaper and a circular saw. If your bench is made of wood, you may also need to rent a woodworking machine such as a table saw or router.

Before installing a pallet furniture bench in your warehouse, it is important to measure your bench’s dimensions so you have an idea about how much space you have to work with. Measure the width, depth and height of the bench to determine if it will fit. You will also need to determine the weight limit of the furniture bench so you know exactly what type of pallets it can support. The weight limit will help determine the maximum size of the pallets your bench can support. If the pallet’s maximum weight limit is exceeded, your pallet furniture bench may collapse or damage when it is being transported.

Once you have your measurements complete, you can move on to the assembling process. Start by setting up the framework of your bench in a place where it can support a number of pallets on top of it. The first piece of the bench, the seat, should be placed on top of a pallet. Connect the other pieces into position one at a time. It is important to connect the pieces correctly or the bench may collapse during transport.

When putting together several pallets, it is best to use smaller, rounder wooden pieces rather than sharp metal legs. These pieces are easier to handle and may even bend slightly during transportation. Do not bend the corners of the bench. Otherwise, they may snap when the bench is finally placed on top of the pallet.

To assemble the bottom portion of the bench, you will need to use two corner nuts. Place the bottom end of the bench against the wood floor, using the screws provided. You may need to screw the legs into the floor as well. Lay the legs apart and nail or screw them into place. The support end of the bench should now be ready.

The support end of the bench should now be ready, but the top of the bench needs to be built first. Use the floor planks to position the top edge of the bench flush against the wood. Measure carefully to determine how long you need the top of the bench to be. Once you have your measurements, you can begin the assembly of the pallet.

The actual construction of the pallet furniture bench consists of fastening one side to the pallet, using the screws provided. Then, you will fasten the other side, using the nails or screws provided. The next step involves raising the bottom edge of the pallet off of the floor by raising the legs. You need to do this by using the floor plank. Lastly, secure all of the parts of the pallet furniture bench securely to the floor.

Installing a bench takes some time and effort. This bench can prove to be a wise investment in the long run. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a standard or industrial style bench, a pallet furniture bench may be just the ticket. They provide a clean, simple look that works well with most decorating schemes.

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