Choosing Shabby Chic Furniture For Your Bedroom

Shabby chic furniture is a recent trend in the home, but it is quickly becoming a popular choice for many different rooms. The beauty of shabby chic furniture is that you can achieve a very warm and cozy look that lends itself perfectly to a bedroom, living room or even a bathroom. When talking about shabby chic furniture, there are two main styles you can choose from. One is very worn down and worn wood with tiny little details, giving the entire piece a very worn and dusty appearance. The other style is all white, very clean lines and very sparse.

You can find all sorts of shabby chic furniture, from tables and desks to end tables and mirrors. If you like the aged look, then you might want to buy an older wood such as oak or pine. An important thing to remember is that shabby chic furniture should be properly maintained so that you don’t have to keep spending money on repairs. Some basic maintenance can go a long way to keeping your furniture in top condition.

The first thing you will want to do is thoroughly dust the shabby chic furniture you already have in your home. Dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, but be sure to use the right type for the furniture you have. Also, remember to dust the wood before applying any cleaner so that it will adhere to the fabric rather than just run off. Dusting will be especially crucial if you have small children in the home, since small amounts of dust can lead to irritation or even asthma attacks.

Second, you will want to make sure that your shabby chic furniture pieces have been properly cleaned. Many times dirt, dust and even pet hair has a way of working themselves into crevices, so having a thorough clean is key to keeping your shabby chic furniture looking its best. You should always remember to clean all of your shabby chic furniture after using any chemical cleaners, sprays or stain removers. If you simply wipe the dirt off of the surface, you may end up leaving a residue behind that you later had to redo.

If possible, you should also try to avoid placing your shabby chic furniture against a hard surface, such as a bed. Although most fabrics can be placed on beds, some colors and materials are more delicate and may scratch easily. Furthermore, beds are where food can get stuck, creating a food-staining scenario that is very difficult to remove. For this reason, a dresser that is placed on a bed is not recommended, since it could cause damage and decrease the beauty of the dresser and furniture in general.

While it is possible to find many options for shabby chic furniture for bedrooms and matching pieces, there are also several accessories that you can purchase. For example, if you are interested in creating a Victorian-styled bedroom, you may want to purchase old-fashioned dressers that have beautiful legs and backs. Some shabby chic furniture pieces also include lockets or small shelves, which can make a great addition to any bedroom. The key is in trying to match as many different elements as possible without overwhelming the room. In order to do so, you should plan out the color scheme of your room, the textures that you would like to include, the accessories that you would like to buy, and even the textures that you would like to avoid.

One important factor that many people tend to overlook when choosing shabby chic furniture is functionality. Although a shabby chic furniture piece may look beautiful, it is still a piece of furniture, which should provide the functionality that you need. In particular, you should ensure that the dresser or other piece you purchase will fit into your bedroom. This means that you should measure the size of your bedroom carefully, including any doorways that may be important to you. Remember to consider the layout of your bedroom as well, including any doors that you will be able to access from the main entrance of your home.

Another factor that many people tend to overlook when purchasing shabby chic furniture is the era in which the piece of furniture was created. It is common for shabby chic furniture to be created in the late 19th century or later. Therefore, you should choose a shabby chic furniture piece that will fit in with the era that your bedroom is built in. However, it is important to note that this style does not have to be limited to the older generations; you can purchase a modern piece of furniture that fits in with your tastes easily.

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