Before and After: Transformations for Furniture

Inspiring with her very popular furniture collection here are some very beautiful, DIY painted furniture before and after pictures. Rachel Ashwell is a professional interior designer who specialises in renovation projects. She has also designed a very successful internet business and has designed numerous homes, restaurants and other commercial property. Her charming style and fresh approach have earned her many loyal fans.

Before and After: Paint splatter before and after these amazing transformations. Painting the furniture pieces is not just about covering up faded or damaged finishes. It’s about getting creative and giving the rooms a whole new look. With her fabulous refinishments, this expert gives you a chance to make your dull rooms into lively spaces that sparkle with warmth. Rachel Ashwell’s unique creations can transform your drab room into something fresh and lovely.

If you are looking to create an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation, consider using Rachel Ashwell’s faux stain and faux finish line on your wooden furniture before and after paint. Faux stain helps you achieve a natural wood finish with the same gorgeous shades and rich textures as a well-stained piece of wood. This gives you the opportunity to match the color of your faux wood with your walls and other home accessories. Before and After photo galleries show you how easy it is to transform a drab room into a warm, inviting space.

Before and After: Waxing your furniture Before you start the actual painting process, you should thoroughly prepare all areas that will be painted. You need to apply a clear coat of white wax to help protect your painted furniture from scratches and stains. A clear coat gives your furniture that finished look. The result is a waxed finish that protects wood furniture from the elements and keeps them looking new. For this purpose, waxing should be applied once the nails have been cut and sanded to give them a smooth edge.

Painting and before: Sanding and painting Once you’ve prepped your surfaces for the coatings, you can start the actual decorating. Use a sander to remove the existing rough finish on your furniture pieces. Once the sander is ready, you can use a paint brush to paint the pieces. This part of the project is called sanding. Many people skip this step, but it helps in several ways. First, it removes the small imperfections on the wood grain, which makes the painted furniture pieces look better in the end.

Before and After: Gluing Before you begin applying the final coats of paint, you need to prepare the furniture pieces for the last step in the painting and sanding process – gluing. To do this, make sure you’ve prepped your surfaces by using the sandpaper to remove the rough edges on the wood grains. Once you’ve done this, apply a primer onto each piece. The color you choose should match the color of the previous coat of paint. For the final step of before and after painting furniture, make sure you’ve allowed plenty of drying time. You’ll need to wait at least eight hours before you can open your gifts or show them off.

Before and After: Transformations Some people prefer a more drastic change when it comes to furniture makeovers. If you are interested in such a makeover, there are other options available. You may want to hire a professional artist, who will complete the entire transformation for you. Before and after photos of professional interior decorators who have transformed their clients’ spaces can help you decide on this option. You might also want to consider some interesting before and after decorations you can use to transform your space.

Before and After: Laminate Furniture Before and After: Other than wood, another surface that can be transformed with makeovers is laminate furniture. While this is not a natural surface, laminates can be made to look like real wood, stone, or ceramic. For this effect, you will need to choose the best tips for laminating laminate furniture before and after you order it. You can either try to purchase ready-made pieces or work with a professional interior decorator. Before and After photos of the professional decorators you’ve hired can also help you make a final decision.

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