Before and After: Decorating Your Room With Vintage Painted Furniture

Shabby chic is definitely one of those styles that needs a little love and attention to bring out the best in it. As with any style, it can look good when you just dump all your old furniture into the attic or basement and start fresh. Or if you have been thinking about giving it a new face lift, you may want to take your existing furniture and simply apply a fresh coat of paint. This is a great way to go for anyone who wants to create a look that is unique yet nostalgic, without changing their home entirely. However, for those who already have this type of furniture but want to do a bit more to turn it into their own personal treasure, there are a few things to keep in mind before and after painting.

Painted furniture before and after transformations. Please practice social distancing and hand wash and also check out different sources for adapting well to these altered times. The goal here is not to ruin your friends or neighbors by accident or purposely try to get into fights or break the law. Inspiring with her very popular shabby chic furniture line here are a few simple DIY beautifully painted furniture before and after transformations.

Before: If you’re not sure what color you want to paint your furniture, a good idea would be to go to a local home improvement store to get ideas from an interior designer. Get a color palette or color wheel that is easy to understand and then go from there. For example, if you were looking to make a shabby chic vintage painted furniture bedroom furniture transformation, you would simply need to find a light pink shade to paint the walls and a pale blue to paint the trim. When you’re done, you can also choose to either leave the trim bold or simply paint it white to add contrast. To give it that shabby chic vintage look, you may want to consider using thin strips of wax paper on the doors to give the effect a worn looking wood finish.

After: Once you’ve decided on the colors and paints, it’s time to makeover! When you do a shabby chic furniture DIY makeover like this, it’s really best to start at the bottom and work your way up. Here’s how you complete a shabby chic bedroom makeover.

Before and after: Getting a light blue painted furniture shabby chic look begins with a clean slate. Clean walls, floor, and furniture with a bright white color or other monochromatic hue. Then, stain or paint your walls in the light blue. Use a sponge and dabbed alcohol to remove any traces of paint that may remain and apply to walls and leave to dry.

Before and after: A fresh coat of furniture polish and some furniture wax gives your painted furniture shabby chic finish some more pop. Then, treat yourself to a manicure, and use a small amount of furniture wax to seal the finish. You may also want to try applying some furniture stain or paint to your pieces before you seal them. This will give them a little wear and tear before they’re painted again. Before you decide to paint over a fresh coat of stain, however, you might want to try a light touch of furniture wax to get that fresh shine back into your furniture.

Before and after: One big factor of shabby chic furniture makeovers is the fact that the finish tends to fade quickly. So, if you decide to paint over a fresh coat of stain, be sure to let the color have time to dry before repainting. If you have a fader or cedar backstop in place, it’s a good idea to repaint the wood at least a few times before you apply the stain. That way, your furniture makeovers will last!

Before and after: Although it’s rare, some DIYers do end up using hazardous paints or latex paint. You’ll definitely want to be cautious about whether or not your latex paint or other types of hazards are on or under your new paint furniture makeover. Anytime you can, avoid using any type of solvents or abrasives on the project. Always use a scraper or brush to gently scrape any traces of oil or other debris from the surface of your woodworking project, and always read and follow any instructions for safety precautions.

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