Bedroom Decorating – Rustic Furniture For A Bedroom That Rugs You Should Not Miss

Rustic bedroom furniture is the style of the American Wild West or the early American pioneer life. It combines heavy wood with a little rust, all in a natural color. You can choose from an assortment of styles that includes lodgepole, western, hunting, wagon, and log cabin styles. Many are unfinished so you can stain or paint them to match your existing decor. This will allow you to create the look you love for years to come, when you decide it no longer suits you.

Rustic bedroom set consists of rustic wood furniture on a wooden bed. Rustic king size bed made from hardwoods. Perfect for your western apartment.

Measurements: 230 X 210 X 15 inches. You will have to make sure the mattress is at least three inches thick so it doesn’t sag. You want it to be comfortable, but not so comfortable you won’t get out of bed. Look for: quality, endurance and sturdy construction.

Style: Choose a rustic style bed that has curved legs and no straight lines. A round or square headboard will help keep the overall look of the bedroom open and spacious. Find: solid wood, not particle board. If possible find wood that is left unfinished. If stains aren’t you desire then opt for unfinished pine. Avoid: painted finishes unless your bedroom is painted.

Number of Beds: The more beds you have the more storage space you will have in the bedroom. Measure the largest bed in the bedroom so that the measurement can be compared with the others. Remember, this bed will provide the main sitting area for everyone in the family. Therefore, don’t make this bed “look” too small. Look for: queen, king and California King bed sizes.

Number of Mattresses: Again, the number of mattresses determines how much storage you will have. Generally, a two-person bed will hold more than a king-size bed. Look for: high quality, like: hardwood, tufted mattress, durable and puncture resistant mattress cover. Avoid: Cheap imitation wood that will be damaged in just a few months.

Lighting: Believe it or not lighting really helps bring out the rustic furniture look. Try to avoid fluorescent bulbs and electric chandeliers. Instead, use natural light instead. Also, consider putting in a small lamp on each nightstand for added light.

Storage: Last but not least, think about the storage you need for all those bedding and decorative items. Will you need a chest of drawers? A shoe closet? Consider purchasing a set of drawers that can be stacked for easy access. This will help make your rustic bedroom decorating ideas come to life!

Accent Pieces: You can’t have a complete bedroom without a bookcase, pillow rack or a bedside table. Why not have a potting bench as well? They are usually decorative as well. Try to find one with an attached mirror. They add personality to a room.

The “nature as a living room” concept is gaining popularity. Instead of just putting a bunch of chairs in a living room, add a comfortable Ottoman. Add a coffee table and end tables, and voila! Your furniture is waiting for you! This saves you a lot of space in the bedroom.

Bedroom decorating can be very fun. I like to keep the bedroom free from clutter. I like to think that my bedroom is a place where I go to unwind, read a good book, or just relax with my spouse.

Bedroom decorating can be very enjoyable. Just remember that you do not have to put all rustic furniture in the bedroom. Some of these items are in the master bath. There is nothing wrong with using rustic furniture in the master bath. Some people prefer modern style. Either way is fine by me.

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