Add Touching French Touch to Your Home With Painted Furniture

When you are looking for furniture that you can paint in French, or any other language for that matter, you will find there are many options available to you. One of the most popular of these is to use faux painting techniques. With this type of technique you will be able to create a beautiful look that will have your friends and family amazed. Here is how you go about it.

First of all, have an idea of the type of furniture you want to paint. If you have made some choices on this, then you can focus your attention to that area. This means that you have to decide if you are going to paint the headboard, or the footboard. If you have decided to paint both, then you should go back to the drawing board and consider how to go about putting them together.

Now it is time to concentrate on the accessories in the room. You have a few choices here. You could choose to highlight the item with a color that matches the color of the furniture. Or you could just paint it white, so that it stands out from all the other items in the space.

Next you will need to do a light sanding of the area. This is necessary because it gets rid of any of the imperfections. Then you will paint on the paint in layers. Start with the bottom layer, and work your way up to the top layer. This means you have more choices in terms of the style and the colors of the shades you can use.

painted furniture french

Before you start to lay the paint down, you will want to make sure everything is smooth. You will want to use a very fine grit sandpaper on this surface. If there are flaws, you can use some mineral spirits to clean it up. You will also want to make sure that all surfaces are dry before you apply the next layer. The reason for this is that any water spots or fluid will show up on the finished look.

Painting a furniture piece like this requires a bit of patience and craftsmanship. While it may look flat and lifeless, it really will come to life once it dries. It will then be time for the last layer. You should use a satin paint that is as close to silk as possible. The texture will make it stand out. And it will give the room a perfect finish.

To give your painted furniture a classic French look, you should consider using white and black as the two main colors. They pair well together and pull the entire look together. However, you do not want to use too much black. Too much goes to either side and distracts from the beauty of the rest of the room. Instead, use a small amount on the edges around the furniture pieces. This will bring attention to the area.

Adding flowers can help your painted furniture stand out. If you are looking to add an artistic touch to your space, try adding some flowers. You can create your own painting design or buy pre-made pictures that you can paint on. Make sure to blend the colors so they don’t look too busy or mixed up.

When adding borders to your French furniture area, use a darker material. The lighter the border, the more attention it will get. But again, don’t go too dark. This could draw attention away from other areas of your room. A very light border can be great as long as it doesn’t impede the beauty of the furniture pieces.

To really tie the look together, paint your walls in one color. You can then add touches of color throughout your furniture by adding accent rugs and pillows. Remember to make sure you match the colors so they don’t clash and the overall look and feel of your French painted furniture pieces.

These are just a few ways to give your French painted furniture a classic look that will surely add value to your home. You can also jazz up your decor with candles, decorative lamps and other accent pieces. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding something unique to your French style. And remember, just because a piece is French doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring!